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Party Suggestions


When selecting a date and time, remember Saturday afternoons are usually busy, and it might restrict who can come. (ie conflicts with soccer, lessons, etc.)


Two to two and a half hours is a good time.


Not a must, but can be fun. Don't stress if you can't find everything to fit your theme. Remember the goal is to have fun, create a great memory, and no stress. Invitations should be themed, and the cake, plus a few decorations and----a themed party.


Quick and easy. (remember - no stress). Pizza is great, or sandwiches and chips. A drink (pop or juice) and the cake. Keep it easy.


If you are going to hire a professional entertainer, do it early. Some book weeks in advance. When calling an entertainer, you may want to ask:

1. For what age group is the show suited?

2. What do they do? Can they describe their show?

3. How long is the show?

4. How much experience do they have?

5. What do they charge? Any other charges? (mileage, etc.)

6. What are the payment arrangements?


We suggest you break the party down into 4 segments.

1. Entertainer If your party is scheduled for 2:00, have the entertainment start at 2:15. This allows time for any late arrivals. The entertainment should start on time. The entertainer may have another party scheduled. Having the entertainment first has many advantages. First, the kids haven't reached a comfort zone, so behavior is at it's best .(good news for you) Also, there are no sticky hands for the entertainer to worry about if there is audience participation .(or you with your furniture.)

2. Eat Keep in mind that eating for most kids does not take as long as you probably have scheduled. It's good to have extra activities for the last segment.

3. Open Presents

4. Organized activities or free time Always have more games or activities than you think you will need. You may plan an outside party and it rains, or the kids eat in 5 minutes (it happens) and you scheduled 30 minutes. Be a scout and BE PREPARED


The party starts with the entertainer. This is probably 30 to 45 minutes. This time allows you (or a helper) to get the food ready. They will eat, sing happy birthday and have cake., The Birthday Child will open presents (have paper and a pen to record the gifts). At this point the major events of the party are complete. Entertainment -Food - Presents. At this point, if a parent comes, their child will be able to leave without missing anything major.


It is always a good idea if you can have 1 or 2 adults to help.


2 MONTHS is not to early to start. Select your date and time and location. Decide on the number of guests and develop a guest list. Book your entertainment and develop your theme. 3 o 4 WEEKS shop for supplies. Ask for adult help at this time.2 to 3 WEEKS Select activities and purchase supplies if needed. Decide on your menu and order the cake. Mail invitations and place the guest list by the phone to easily record responses. 1 WEEK Call any invites who have not responded. Create your AGENDA. Try any games or activities that you are unfamiliar. 2 DAYS Purchase food (unless it's pizza). Make sure video camera is charged and you have batteries for the digital camera. DAY BEFORE Clean area. Bake or pick up cake. Arrange delivery of the pizza. Confirm entertainment. Sit down with birthday child and discuss their expectations for the party day. 4 HOURS Set table and decorate. Put candles on the cake. Have matches nearby. Blow up balloons and tie a few to the mailbox. Have paper and pencil to record gifts. 1 HOUR Put cat and dog away. Get kids ready. Set up food.


Ready or not, here it is. Relax and enjoy it.


Clean up. Send out thank you's. YOU MADE IT!

Magician Tom Dowling

Tom Phoolery,

Tom has been delighting audiences throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for decades. Equally skilled as a magician and master storyteller, children and adults alike watch in wonderment at his entertaining show. Tom's shows are innovative as well as educational, perfect for schools, libraries, as well as birthday parties. Many are based on history, geography, books, and more.

Native to Youngstown Ohio, Tom is happy to travel to nearby towns such as Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Distance is not an issue to an entertainer that lives to see the faces in his audience stare in wonder at his magic tricks and laugh at his jokes. It's not unusual for one of his companions to tag along, be it Frosty the Snowman, Mr. Bones, or the Easter Bunny himself!

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