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Daycare Shows

tom phooleryKnown as the "Single Digit Kid Expert", Tom is sure to entertain your group!

"The show is very entertaining. It keeps the kids attention and focus the whole way through. Tom works well with the kids and gets everyone involved in the show. I would highly recommend it."
- Canfield Daycare

Special Day Care Shows

Before And After School Kids Magic Workshop

Before And After School Kids Magic Workshop


All Effects are age-appropriate. All kids receive an instruction sheet of the tricks that are taught. Program is approximately 45 minutes.


Summer Programs for Day Cares

Summer Programs for Day Cares


June: Seriously Silly Science Show...Where does it all go?

July: The Magic Chef...Fun with food. PB&J is goofy!

August: Wizard of Wicklestix Castle...Everyone gets a magic wand trick!


June: Out of this World...visit with Oxnard the Alien!

July: Storybook Fun...the new and improved Miss Muffett Story!

August: Don't BUG me...the tricks of Fred the Flea!!

Shows rotate each summer. Programs run approximately 30 minutes long, and they are all guaranteed!

Tom Phoolery Productions is a kids' educational entertainment company, bringing quality educational entertainment programs to pre-schools and daycares.

We are dedicated to providing FUN, GIGGLES, and LAUGHTER to that special group of people known as MUNCHKINS.

Throw in some object lessons and some educational facts and you have our top-quality educational entertainment programs!


June: The Great Safari... Carl the Cockatoo's crazy antics!

July: The Magic Circus...Everyone's favorite clown!

August: The Imagination Toy box...the puppet that comes to life!

Special Programs for Daycares

Special Programs for Daycares

Mr. BONE'S HALLOWEEN SAFETY SHOW: This show includes GOBLINS, GHOSTS, and a HAUNTED HOUSE. The show is all FUN and FROLIC with the stress on SAFETY. (Don't eat the candy, etc.)

MAGICAL CHRISTMAS SHOW: This is Santa's favorite opening act. It's filled with the Spirit of Christmas magic.

THE MAGIC OF WICKLESTICK CASTLE WORKSHOP: Designed for school-aged kids, Tom teaches magic that the kids can do and everyone gets a kit of the magic taught.

Frosty's Birthday Party Daycare Show

Frosty's Birthday Party Daycare Show

This can be an event instead of just a fun show.

The kids can color frosty pictures, make party hats, have a real party with cake, and it can start weeks before the show. Also, FROSTY will be there!

Mr. Bones Halloween Safety Show

Mr. Bones Halloween Safety Show
Non-scary Magic Show

Mr. Bones show has ghosts, goblins, the great pumpkin, Frankenstein, and others in a non-scary show. Safety rules include not eating candy until someone sees it, use a flashlight, don't go off by yourself, and much more!

Fantastic Christmas with Santa Claus

Fantastic Christmas with Santa Claus

Fantastic Christmas with Santa Claus

Christmas kids showA Christmas show with lots of magical surprises, laughs, and giggles. Includes candy canes, and the best SANTA, guaranteed!

The Easter Bunny Special

The Easter Bunny Special

A great Easter themed show with the one and only... EASTER BUNNY!

Daycare show references

Daycare show references

"I loved how interactive and fun the show was. I loved the Halloween theme. Tom had the children entertained the whole time, even the parents of the children were entertained. I loved how Tom incorporated Halloween Safety into the show. We look forward to his magical shows every year! Fantastic show!!!
- Mrs. Danielle, Wonderzone Preschool

"Excellent performance! our kids really enjoyed it." - Kidden Around

"The state inspector was in the building during the show. She said she was very impressed on how well the children behaved during the show. We are looking forward to your next visit."- Learning Express

"Your performance definitely complemented our program. It was great." - Austintown Community Church Preschool Child Care

"Did an excellent job incorporating the students into the program. Really kept the students attention. We really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to booking more in the future!" - Bass Lake of Mentor

"We really enjoyed the show and would definitely hire Tom again." - Wee Care Howland

"The show is very entertaining. It keeps the kids attention and focus the whole way through. Tom works well with the kids and gets everyone involved in the show. I would highly recommend it." - Canfield Daycare

"We love the program!! Anything coming up?" - Lads & Lasses Academy

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Magician Tom Dowling

Tom Phoolery,

Tom has been delighting audiences throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for decades. Equally skilled as a magician and master storyteller, children and adults alike watch in wonderment at his entertaining show. Tom's shows are innovative as well as educational, perfect for schools, libraries, as well as birthday parties. Many are based on history, geography, books, and more.

Native to Youngstown Ohio, Tom is happy to travel to nearby towns such as Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Distance is not an issue to an entertainer that lives to see the faces in his audience stare in wonder at his magic tricks and laugh at his jokes. It's not unusual for one of his companions to tag along, be it Frosty the Snowman, Mr. Bones, or the Easter Bunny himself!

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