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The bottle, with the cork, is placed under the large hanky and held by a spectator. The small hanky is vanished. When the large hanky is removed from the bottle, the small hanky is INSIDE the bottle! A super surprise - great for adult or kid shows!

45 USD



Mind Master is a super lock that will open only when you want it to open. It comes with five keys and a bill holder. It is a showy effect that is easy to do. Lots of performance possibilities and lots of audience participation. Great for adult or kid shows (put a $2.00 bill  and the birthday child opens the lock!) No keeping track of a "key" key - you do Master the Mind!

125 USD



Double play has four different people, by their own choices, collectively select a single card. That card is taken out of the deck of cards. The deck of cards are spread to show the backs of the cards to be blue-backed cards. The selected card is shown to be the only card with a red back.

25 USD



With Die Version, six bags are set on a table in no particular order. six table tents numbered 1 through 6 are set in front of the bags, again, in no particular order. A die is rolled and the rolled numbered bag is removed.

245 USD


AWESOME Magic Trick

For awesome, the cards are shown to a spectator. The spectator simply thinks of one of the cards. The cards are dealt onto the table, some face-up and some face down. Spectator pushes the cards into a pile. When the pile is spread, the spectator's card is the only card face up! The Maji never knows the spectator's card. It is AWESOME!



Magician Tom Dowling

Tom Phoolery,

Tom has been delighting audiences throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for decades. Equally skilled as a magician and master storyteller, children and adults alike watch in wonderment at his entertaining show. Tom's shows are innovative as well as educational, perfect for schools, libraries, as well as birthday parties. Many are based on history, geography, books, and more.

Native to Youngstown Ohio, Tom is happy to travel to nearby towns such as Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Distance is not an issue to an entertainer that lives to see the faces in his audience stare in wonder at his magic tricks and laugh at his jokes. It's not unusual for one of his companions to tag along, be it Frosty the Snowman, Mr. Bones, or the Easter Bunny himself!

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