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Beyond Imagination

This is the perfect family show!

A fun program for the whole family with lots of audience participation, magic, and laughter that could include

Mystery of the Silver Box

The Egg Catch

Cynthia, the Psychic Seagull

The Great Escape

Magnet Man

The Great Illusion of the Mind

This program is the perfect family entertainment show:

• Imagination begins with Tom catching colors that were rubbed off the kids clothes, and out of no where- there is a multi colored banner in Tom's hands.
• The Genie-in-the-bottle demonstrates his strength + shows the audience his new magic wand.
• Fred the Flea does his "Leap of Death"
• An audience member escapes from a rope tie in an instant.
• A puppet emerges from an empty box, piece by piece, and does a great magic trick!
• The show ends with an illusion that will blow the entire audience's minds.

This is the perfect family show. To use Beyond Imagination as a fundraiser, add an ice cream social afterwards and you have a program that:

• Your product expense will be minimal.
• Your biggest effort will be scooping the ice cream into the bowls.
• Clean-up is a breeze.
• Your show cost is low.
• Your profits are high.
• You will be thrilled with the results!

Perfect for schools, scouts, church groups, and more!

Beyond Imagination is approximately 45 minutes long.

For questions, or to book your show, call (330)797-8995.

Magician Tom Dowling

Tom Phoolery,

Tom has been delighting audiences throughout Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania for decades. Equally skilled as a magician and master storyteller, children and adults alike watch in wonderment at his entertaining show. Tom's shows are innovative as well as educational, perfect for schools, libraries, as well as birthday parties. Many are based on history, geography, books, and more.

Native to Youngstown Ohio, Tom is happy to travel to nearby towns such as Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. Distance is not an issue to an entertainer that lives to see the faces in his audience stare in wonder at his magic tricks and laugh at his jokes. It's not unusual for one of his companions to tag along, be it Frosty the Snowman, Mr. Bones, or the Easter Bunny himself!

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